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The Nitrate Control Program (NCP) is a Central Valley-wide regulation adopted by the State Water Resource Control Board.

The goals of the Nitrate Control Program

The NCP requires that “Management Zones” create an “Early Action Plan” (EAP).  The Chowchilla Management Zone submitted its plan for the Chowchilla groundwater basins on March, 2021. 

What is Nitrate?

Nitrate is a chemical found in most fertilizers, manure, and septic tanks. It is a contaminant that can make drinking water unsafe when above a certain level (10mg/L as N). 


Nitrate: a tasteless, odorless chemical that you can’t boil out of your water, and at high levels it reduces your blood’s ability to absorb oxygen.

Get your well water tested

Management Zone will contact you after confirming you
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