Free well water test and replacement water*

*if well test is over 10mg/L as N in Nitrate.

The free well water test and free replacement water* is part of a state regulated program aimed at providing clean drinking water for wells impacted by nitrates.

Please join us for our Zoom meeting with Madera ILRP Priority Two Permitted Dischargers Friday, March 8th at 1:00 pm  

Topic: Nitrate Control Program Compliance

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What is the Chowchilla Management Zone?

The Chowchilla Management Zone is made up of local stakeholders from agriculture, including irrigated cropland, poultry facilities, dairies and publicly owned wastewater treatment facilities, and businesses including food processors, wineries and others that have permits to discharge nitrates.

What does the Management Zone do?

Identify areas of the Chowchilla Management Zone where nitrates are high.

Do I reside in the Chowchilla Management Zone?

Click to see if you live in the Chowchilla Management Zone.

What is Nitrate?

Nitrate is a chemical found in most fertilizers, manure, and septic tanks.

Get your well tested

How to get your well tested for FREE?

The Goals of the Nitrate Control Program

Provide safe drinking water supplies.
Reduce Nitrate impacts to water supplies.
Restore groundwater quality where reasonable, feasible, and practical.

Get your well water tested

Management Zone will contact you after confirming you
live in the management zone.